New Turf Android and iOS version

The Turf iOS version 1.6.0 and Android 1.2.0 are now live.


A major update today, as mentioned before this version will include a whole new gameplay, Assist.

Now what is Assist? Assist is a way for two (or more) players to take one zone at a time. This is done by the players by just trying to take the zone by standing in it at the same time. The player who take the zone is the one who will own it but the other player who stood in it, but did not do the take it, will get “Assst” instead. Assist will give the other player the same take points, unique zone, possibility for medal, but NOT the PPH.

With this we also have two new challenging medals, one which requires as many as 21 players to be assisters in ONE zone!

Assist is still in beta so its only possible for supporters to do it now, but we plan to release it to everyone soon.


– New gameplay! “Assist”
– Two Assist medals!
– New takeover dialogs
+ Bugfixes



Assist beta for supporters


This Sunday (5/2) we will roll out the BETA assist functionality to supporters.
The only thing you need to do as a supporter to test it is:
1. Download the new app on sunday
2. Stand inside a zone when someone else takes it.
(enter the zone after the other person to ensure that they fill their takeover-meter just before you)

Happy New Turf Year


What a year!

  • -A bonanza with 237 participants!
  • -565 events!!
  • -A new events page.
  • -A brand new League system! (with some initial problems…)
  • -RIP donation medals.
  • -Fancy rank and medal dialogues!
  • -HUGE performance fixes in the apps!
  • -Lowered takeover times for all of you!
  • -Revised block times.
  • -21 new medals!!
  • -7 new zone types!
  • -6922 new zones. (22712 event zones)
  • -10 million zones taken!!! (A record, 1/3 of total amount in Turf history)
  • -45.000 zones taken on a single day! (Record as well)
  • And much more, plus endless invisible improvements behind the scene by our development-team!!!

AND a very near future holds ”Assists” when taking zones. Our beloved Supporters will be able to help us beta test the new functionality first.

Support Turf! Lets make 2017 another great year of Outdoor Addiction!

New version released

- 17 new medals! (As requested)
- 5 new zone-types
- Lowered takeover time
- Revised block time
- Minor rank levels update
- New “New medal” dialog
- Better medal graphics
- Fix: user markers won’t loose hats or supporter S when taking zones.
- Fix: Compass not lagging anymore
+ Many Optimizations and bugfixes

En Skånsk Klassiker / A Scanian Classic


The Turf Association of Skåne has instituted a cup which will be rewarded to person(s) who accomplish four significant Turf achievements during one calendar year, achievements which in turn each will be rewarded with a physical medal as well. The four achievements are

- Physical performance: Turf a full circle around Öresund on both Swedish and Danish sides within 72 hours.
- Extensive Island knowledge of Skåne: Conquer all zones on all famous islands, including the “eccentric” island Island (ön Ön) in the lake Lake (sjön Sjön).
- Adventurous achievement: Take 12 selected zones which either are very difficult, adventurous and/or significantly portray the beauty of Skåne.
- Exquisite positioning expertise: take the zones located at the most northern, eastern, southern, western, “middlest”, highest and lowest locations in Skåne.

Read more here (only in Swedish).