Like it or not

It is now possible to rate and like individual zones. This is a new function that will grow in importance over time.

Click on a zone here on the webpage to try it out! (you need to login first)

//Turf Crew


We recently blew past 20.000 user registrations, a milestone for sure!

In addition we just got 500 votes on google play. The average points is 4.6 and we thank you all for all the great feedback we have gotten via written comments!

//Turf Crew

As heard on radio

Yesterday all Swedes listening to Sveriges Radio P3 could hear Turf being mentioned on air! Not the first time we are on radio, but definitely the biggest channel so far.

If you want to listen to the clip: CLICK HERE


We are expanding again!

This time the light of attention is focusing on Norway. The buildup will take approximately 2 months.