We’re getting closer…

Bonanza Update!

Only two days left until the wild dogs will be unleashed around Västerås City!
Weather forecast looks promising with up to 20 degrees and sunshine/partly cloudy and almost windless.

More than 50 turfers has registered to this event! Unbelievable! Most of us will also participate at the dinner during the evening at restaurant Sjökrogen by the lake Mälaren.


13:00 Bonanza staff available in Bonanza Base at SjöEvent, Lögarängen.
13:40 preBonanza competition. Sponsored by Kjell & Co Västerås City.
13:45 Rules and safety directions
14:00 Bonanza starts. Sponsored by Joors, Sportson, Sahlbergs Cykel & Sport, Droid Stuff, Västerås Kommun and Kjell & Co Västerås City!
16:00 Bonanza ends, return back to Bonanza Base for cool down and exchange of stories before breaking up for a well deserved rest, waiting for next activity
19:00 Dinner att restaurant Sjökrogen next to Bonanza Base
19:30 Price ceremony

Good luck out there, and may the best turfer win!

Bark at the moon! Aoouuuu!
//Bonanza Crew



On the 1st of september we arrange the next Bonanza, this time in Västerås, located about 100km west of Stockholm in Sweden.
A Bonanza is a special Turf race going on in a limited area with lots of new zones laid out specifically for the competition.
The contest runs from 14:00 to 16:00 and at 19:00 it’s dinner for those who want to meet after the race.

Registration and more information, see the forum!

Non-swedes are very welcome, just send a mail to contact@turfgame.com and we will fix it all for you..

Finland it is!

No rest for the Turf Crew!

As you all can see we are expanding to Finland. The current goal is to cover all countries in Scandinavia within a few weeks.

Turf’s on!