The current donation system has been in use since the end of april. This is the only source of income to the project, and therefore we are extremely happy that so many of you are donating.

However you may wonder where the money goes since we clearly state that we dont want to say this in beforehand. Well now we intend to make a big change in our server side hardware wich is costly every month and therefore needs to make use of your donations.

The current problematic server hardwares is partly based on donated server space wich has grown inferior to our needs. Other parts are paid for by us and has proven to be VERY problematic when it comes to support (when a server mysteriously goes down, no one can be contacted) and fairly cost-ineffective. As you probably understand, all these different systems needs to cooperate wich also have proven problematic.

The solution, after months of discussions, seems to be to use a well established international provider that can hold all our systems and provide an easy way of expanding the resources without delay. This is a bit more costly, but will hopefully free some developer resources within the turf project and most importantly create a better and more problem-free experience to the Turf users.

Thanks for donating. This change could not have been done without you.

(PS. During the migration there might be some hold-ups. Please be patient.)

Turf video tutorials

We have found that lots of people want to turf, but find it hard to understand the basics. This is obviously a fault from our side and we are continuously working to make the tutorials better.

However, there are things that the seasoned turfer can do to help newbie turfers without our involvement. Blabert has just created the first video-tutorial ever. You can find it HERE.

Please help us make tutorials in more languages and styles. The more the merrier!

//Turf Crew

Biggest Bonanza Ever

It was HUGE!

More than 60 turfers participated in the third Bonanza ever. Which means thats the size has doubled since the last event!

Big congratulations to bUs, whom after 2 hours of competing beat Eddyueue by one single point! Only one can be the gold medalist.

Check out trails and points from the Bonanza at