Starting this Sunday, we will separate the region you belong to from chat region.

In practice, this means that when you go to a new region and take a zone, you will immediately be transferred to that regions chat room. However you will not belong to that region in the toplist until you have taken more zones in the new region than you have in your previous region.

If you have taken an equal amount of zones in several regions, you will belong to the region where you took your latest zone.

“Amount of zones” is counted from the start of every round. So if you start your round by taking a zone in a new region, you will immediately be transferred to that region. Both in chat and toplist.

Autumn Turfing

Autumn is upon us! Featuring leaves in all the beautiful turf colors spread on the ground.

This month is already spreadingly spreading its records, and we have plans to spread the spreading of turf in even better ways!

So spread out and take those zones that we have spread on the ground!