Version 0.9.5

We´re getting closer to version 1.0.

Yesterday we released version 0.9.5 wich may not look like huge changes to you as users. But beneath the hood, lots have been replaced and improved. All to remove glitches such as freezes and force closes. We still have some things we want to implement before version 1.0, but we really feel that the day is coming closer.

Meanwhile we have also made some real work on the IPhone pre-alpha version. If you want to be one of the few lucky alpha-testers, you better sign up for the lottery in the forum;-)

//Turf Crew

New ranks

We got a lot of feedback on the rank system. The problem was that the steps were too big after level 30. Plus there were no perks after level 30.

The first problem is now solved. Today we introduce level 30-60 in a more smoothly increasing curve. This means that those of you above level 29 may get a new rank the next time you take a zone:)

The second problem is about to be resolved. we got some nifty plans ahead!

Click HERE to see the new ranks

//Turf Crew