New way of reporting bugs


Until now bugs have been reported in the forum, which has proven to be problematic in many ways. Therefore we have now created and tested a new issue-management system!

So from now on, report your bugs at:

Better follow-up possibilities, version control, structure, priority, etc.

(The system is now on-air, but more functionality is being developed)

//Turf Crew

Wiki + Turf = True

Some say it is hard to find information within the turf-sphere because a lot of information is user-created content living within the forum. Therefore we are making a wiki-concept.

If you want to contribute to this upcoming giant, please visit

Maybe a page about the zones in your town? or about this one special zone? or just make other pages even better!

Currently, most of the information is in Swedish, but the intention is to make an international wiki in english.