Aaand it’s time for yet another highly popular bonanza. This time the awesome turfers in Uppsala, Sweden will host the event. Fun and FREE, don’t hesitate!



Turf Bonanzas are special events where turfers from everywhere come together to meet, greet and compete!

When the competition starts, all zones in the designated game-area will disappear and event-zones will pop up in the normal Turf app. For 2 hours, these are the zones everyone will compete for in order to climb in the bonanza-toplist that will show in the app.

After the competition is finished (2 hours later), the zones will disappear and the app will go back to normal. This is when it’s time to join back exhausted at the start position and share experiences and and laughs. Prizes will also be distributed and nice stats will be available from the event.

Later in the evening, when you have had a shower(will be available). It is time for a more informal dinner where shared stories and good times flows into the late night.



April 20, Uppsala, Sweden (Location:

  • 11.30 Feel free to be there early; meet turfers, buy something to eat or just fix your bike.
  • 12.45 Briefing of game rules and safety (Location:
  • 13.00 The contest starts
  • 15.00 The event stops, return to start-position for mingle and stories from the event
  • 15.30 Toplist announcement, prize ceremony  (Location:
  • (Showers available)
  • 19.00 Dinner/drinks at local sports bar “All-star” (Location:



Of course! Every bonanza features prizes to quite a few players.



Food will be available during the event, and later in the evening on a local sportsbar.

During the event we will sell: Hot dogs, vegetarian alternative, Coffee, tea, lemonade, soda, chocolate/powerbars. CASH is needed if you want to buy.

In the evening we have booked a big section of tables at All-star, Vaksalagatan 10, Uppsala. Sign up early to make sure you get a seat! (You pay for your own food naturally)



Will be available with a lovely custom bonanza print!



Signing on is not needed, but we would love to know in beforehand if you are going to come. This is in order to make sure there is enough place for everyone.

Do it here:



Every takeover will give you 10 points, and thereafter 60 points per hour. Zones are always blocked for 3 minutes.

Do not handle your phone while moving, always stop when checking the app. This will keep you from having an accident.

Normal traffic rules are to be adhered to while playing

Tourist Zones

The crafty zonemakers have been busy!

Tourist zones have been placed in several popular locations abroad, dont forget to take a zone while on vacation. Always interesting to see turfers abroad!

(And take a photo in the zone, to show off in the forum HERE)