Changes in Expandator medals

As noted, we have made some changes in the Expandator series.

This means those of you who had Expandator, but lost it when you earned Heavy, can now reclaim the Expandator medal. We will try to do this manually by re-reading this thread:

The change also means that most of you will not be allowed to keep the heavy expandator medal. Therefore we will give everyone the paper expandator medal instead until we have sorted out things manually. To help yourself get the correct medal, state what medals you should have and proof in this thread:

To ease further medal publishing, we have created a new thread where you can claim any Expandator medal:

Version 0.9.6

As promised, we have prepared some new medals for you.

The first medal i called Greed which is an upgradable medal. The Greed medal is taken by holding as many zones as possible at the same time.

Next is the Expandator medals which is now splitted into more measurable medals.


- New medal, Greed!

- New Expandator medals

– Fix so the meter doesn’t sometimes get below the enemies on the map

– Minor text fix issues (blocked timer a little bigger)

The update should roll out very soon on Google Play