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The brand new world of events


Something that has slowly been implemented over the year is the brand new event system. From now on, Turf officially support 3 different kinds of events.

This means the term “Bonanza” is from now on preserved to the yearly, official, turf event. Arrangers may choose to brand their own events in a similar fashion. (ex. Dala zone cup, Jönköping Open, Norwegian Turf Games, etc.)

Closed event

  • -Only visible to those invited
  • -Suitable for company kick-offs, paid events, etc.
  • -No limit in length (10 min or 3 weeks)
  • -A group of organizers may apply for this kind of event.
  • -Arrangement may differ a lot. (boat event, night event, ice event, etc.)
  • -Some expectations, some demands.

Open event

  • -Visible and open to everyone. Players can join in at any time.
  • -A group of organizers may apply for this kind of event.
  • -Suitable for events that wants as much attention and players as possible.
  • -Arrangement may differ a lot. (boat event, night event, ice event, etc.)
  • -Big expectations, big demands.


  • -“The World Championships of Turf”
  • -Huge event that is held once or twice every year.
  • -Arranged by the Turf Crew in cooperation with local organizers.
  • -Standardized arrangement and gameplay.
  • -Huge expectations, huge demands.


Turf Open Jönköping, 10th of August

Attend the event Turf Open Jönköping and show that you are the fastest and most tactical turfer! In connection with Jönköpingsfesten will a two hours Turf competition start at 13:00 at Saturday 10th of August.

Here you can read more (in Swedish): http://jonkopingsfesten.se/idrott/1266-2/

Here is a map over the place: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/viewer?mid=zJuoF_28gtV0.kHIAEunOXxDs