Christmas is coming, time for something good!

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On December 8th, all Turfers have the possibility to do something special!

It works like this:

Anyone who wants to join in, states HERE how much they will give to charity per taken zone on December 8. And on that day, we all get out and try to boost the number of takes as much as possible in order to give as much as possible.

On December 9, when we know how many zones were taken the day before, those who committed to contribute will pay the their own calculated amount to Musikhjälpen by themselves. Guidelines on how to contribute your money in the name of Turf (if you like to) will come on December 9th.

Example: “Calvin: I hereby state that i will pay 0,02 SEK per zone taken during December 8th”

If you don’t have the possibility to give anything, you can always contribute by taking those extra zones on December 8!

What is Musikhjälpen? 

Musikhjälpen (Swedish for music aid) is an annual project by P3 Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Radiohjälpen, that raises money towards a forgotten disaster. This year the money raised will go towards helping women survive their pregnancy.

Total contributions so far: 0,89 SEK/zone, a total of about 7450 SEK.

Click here to contribute now!



The new supporter functionality is available in the Android version released on google play today! (iPhone will come soon)

For those interested in supporting, visit

Full changelog:

– Turf Supporter
– Autoclose takeover dialogue, if you’re over rank five the takeover dialog will close in 5 seconds
– Zone blocked sound added
– All sounds are now a little clearer
– Updated the “points” icon to a “p”
– Updated notification icon
– Updated Turf app icon
– Medal: Dawn Ninja
– Medal: UK explorer
– Medal: Icosaregion Star


Coming soon

Turf is growing! However, to stay on top of our game we need to improve the ways we all can contribute to the game.

Until now, donations has been the main source of income to pay for servers and other costs. Simply put: donations kept the game alive. We will soon change that process a bit. Donations will still be possible for those who like to do something extraordinary. But for the normal turfer we will introduce the possibility of becoming a SUPPORTER.

Being a supporter will be totally free of choice, but you will get some nice benefits that might change with time. (our aim is still no pay2win)