Iphone 1.1.0

The first Turf iOS update is now live in App Store. (1.1.0)

– Search: You can now search for zones and users.
– Three new medals: (Dawn ninja, UK explorer, Icosaregion star)
– Supporter possibilities: get it HERE
– Lots of bug/crash-fixes (!)
– Zone blocked sound and notification.

Happy holidays!


We have had some problems with the medals the last month. Some turfers didn’t recieve the medal they should have recieved. A fix was made last week, so from now on the server is handing out medals retroactive. The procedure will take some time, there are a lot of turfers to go through. But at the end of December we hope that all medals are in place. If you still are missing a medal in January, or think something is wrong, please report it at http://issues.turfgame.com. Thanks! :)

Lusseturf, Västerås 14 Dec 2013


On Saturday it’s time for Lusseturf in Västerås. Currently almost 70 turfers have signed up. 200 fresh zones are laid out for the competition, and the terrain will vary from asphalt to forest.

The weather forecast promises some snow and sun. We hope that they are right!


Several companies have donated prices. They are: Sahlgrens Cykel & Sport, Sportson, Västerås Stad, Mimer Bostads AB, Parker Store, Västerås Fisk & Skaldjur, Etteplan AB, Husqvarna AB and ICA Grytan. Contestants can for example win studded bike tires, bicycle helmets, bicycle lights, chocolate and gift cards.


5 million


Milestones everywhere!

50.000 downloads passed, almost enough supporters now to support a very bright server-future, and 5 millionth zone to be taken very soon.

To celebrate, 3 persons will get a nice little treat sent home. More precisely, the taker of zone 4.999.999, 5.000.000, and 5.000.001. So start planning!

(check out the auto-updating current number at the bottom of this page)

//Turf Crew