New system for responsibility for the Swedish regions

Until now the zonemakers have had responsible for a very different amount of regions and for a very different time. Tomorrow 1st of March we will try a new system for the regions in Sweden.

The two big changes is that:

  • The zonemakers will only have responisibility for two Swedish regions each.
  • These two regions will change.

First we will try with three months, and evaluate after 6 months. Any thoughts about it can be post in the forum. We hope this will be a good change for both turfers and zonemakers. :)

Turf Winter Classic, Umeå

On the 22nd of February will the biggest Turf event in northern Sweden take place!

Winter Classic will be arranged in Umeå, and will contain two different categories: on foot or on bicycle, this event is open for everyone!!

One winner in each category will be awarded! Prizes will exists and everyone will have a chance to get them, no matter what you score, you still got a chance!
In the evening we will gather for dinner and chit chat!

If you got any questions about the event or want to apply for it send an email to:

The Turf Vision



Right from the beginning of Turf, we had a vision on how to continuously proceed with the project. However, since it was never on print, it might have been blurry and not enough transparent to the community. Anyways, here it is. This is what we are trying to achieve and it affects every step we take.

Turf Vision:

Turf is not an application, Turf is a concept that will survive for decades and outlive several technologies, platforms and trends that come and go.

The essence of the concept is:

-The zones and their connection with reality

-The social context where players can interact

-The gameplay that triggers real feelings.