Progress happens all the time in turf, we are just a bit bad at reporting it:-)

However, we like to share some joy in saying that technological progress has been made on the server side. You may have noticed that takeovers are much faster since some days. Also, since a few days ago the server has less hiccups which locked up processes and affected the game. There are still lots of work to be done, but it does look good!

Oh yeah, and the famous new Android version is evolving steadily!

The Bonanza – 7th of June

We are thrilled to see so many turfers notified for the bonanza heat 1. More than 120 turfers!
There are probably more turfers who are planning to particiate in this open heat, and have not planed to register in advance. IF that is the case there might not be zones enough for all of you.
So please, if you intend to participate in heat 1 and have not registered DO IT NOW. :)
We will open a thread in the forum, “post notifications to the bonanza heat 1″, where you can register. Here is the thread:
See you at the bonanza!

Counting those zones

In a short while, “unique zones” and “zones taken” will stop being affected by events. This means the numbers will shrink for those of you who have attended events. Medals will not be deleted, which means someone might have 952 unique zones in numbers, but still own the 1000-unique medal.



We apologize for the slow, round-reset this Sunday. The problems are, as you may or may not know, related to slowly rising records in players online simultaneously! We have been working hard to solve these problems and get ahead of the curve. We will not rest until the problems are solved in order to give you all a smooth turf-experience.

Oh, yeah! Thanks for being Supporters! Turf would NOT work without the means to pay for servers.

(medal problems related to the round-reset may lag for another week. We´re working on that too;-) )