Turf iOS version 1.2.0

Introducing for Turf iOS, Suggest Zones. Now live in version 1.2.0. It should be rolling out on App Store during the day.

Suggest zones, all players are able to suggest at least three zones every new round.
– Crash fixes

Suggest Zones

Turf. iOS 1.1.2 and Android

So a while ago we added two new medals to the list, unfortunately we haven’t been able to implement these in the apps until today. So now finally we’ve got some time over to make them visible to you.

So here is the changelog:

 Turf iOS 1.1.2 

– New Medals, Country Medal and Region Medal.
– Bugfix for takeovertime.
– Other fixes.

 Turf Android version

– New Medals, Country Medal and Region Medal.

Please be aware that this Android version is NOT the big google-maps update, we’re still working hard on that one to make sure you wont be getting any less of a Turf experience. Thank you for your patience.

You should be able to get updates during the day or tomorrow at latest.

Br Turf team

Biggest Bonanza Ever

Skärmavbild 2014-06-09 kl. 00.59.10

About 200 players competed in the biggest turf event so far! The activities went on for the entire day, including a lovely dinner in the evening. Thank you all for participating!

The actual gameplay was divided in two heats with with the second one giving the prestigious Gold, Silver and Bronze bonanza-medals.

See the results from Heat 1 HERE and Heat 2 HERE

Picture from Turf24.se