Updated information – Turf Championship Kalmar 2014

The countdown has started! Updated information for participants in Turf Championship Kalmar in 2014 is now available through www.kalmarturf.se There is still an opportunity to enroll in the Turf race. It will not only be an exciting contest. It will be a fantastic opportunity to meet other turfers and have fun. We have prepared a lot of crazy surprises. Welcome!

The whole event is broadcast on Turfgames web-radio from 10.00 to 16.30. You will find the radio at http://radio.turfgame.com/radio

Team competition at the event in Jönköping

The open event TOJ – Turf Open Jönköping will first with possibility to compete in teams. The idea is that all participants compete individually but with the ability to also compete for a three-man teams. The individual scores are combined to each team for the team competition and prizes will be available for both individual performances as for teams at the prize cermony.
Everyone is welcome to compete on same conditions no matter current level in ordinary Turf.

Want more info, sign up or ask questions please visit the forum thread