iOS version 1.3.6

Fortunately we got through to Apple so the fixed version got to be reviewed already and approved. (See previous posts)

Hopefully this version will work better. The new version should be available for everyone on App Store within 24 hours.


/Turf team

iOS version 1.3.5 WARNING (UPDATE)

UPDATE: We’ve been able to find the problem and a fix is already waiting for review in App Store. We’ve also contacted Apple and asked them if they could prioritize this hotfix version.

Until then, players that already updated maybe you can find a solution in this thread that is discussing the issue:

We’re very sorry for not noticing this problem before the version got out to App store and hope you eventually forgive us in time.

Br Turf team.

!!!! WARNING: We’ve gotten reports that players that are using iOS 8 or higher aren’t able to use GPS with this version. Please DO NOT update yet if you are using iOS 8. We’re working on a fix for this now. We’ll get back to you if we find a workaround.