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As some of you already have noticed, a new medal sneaked in earlier today! Very early, earlier than all early birds actually!

On the first shivering minute of the midnight hour, you will from now on be able to take a very spooky medal! But only if you visit zones that are placed on or nearby holy grounds!

But be careful!! Not all zones are tagged as holy just because they are next to a grave yeard, church, temple or any kind of Sanctuary. To be certain, please take a look at the zone, and you will know if you kan stay there and pray for a while before you leave, heading for another zone, and another, and another….

This feature is currently avaliable in the Supporter Beta app only, at the moment!

Almost done here… just a few final words about the supporter beta progress.. We have added more event functionality now! It seems to work quite fine to use while participating in an event, but needs more testing. If you dare, please try it!

Thanks for sending issues when you find bugs. Hopefulle we can squeeze some of them in a near future! Please use the forum when you have questions.

Change log and downloadable link can be found here: https://forum.turfgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=136&t=4597#p46616

/Turf Crew

Turf insider 56

Turf insider

Another loss

On February 11th, LarsAgne lost his short battle with cancer. Not one to compete for the more noble medals, he still reached a score of 4.9 million points in three years of turfing mainly regions Jönköping and Kronoberg, often in company with his turfing dog Chewie. He will be truly missed.

World Heritage Sites

Turf Crew has started a new project. You can already start to see zones popping up at random places across the world. These are World Heritage Sites and are meant to be zones that you can collect as unique zones or perhaps as a medal in the future. Rules of how many of these zones are allowed to exist in each country and in total are still being discussed but till then you will see some cool places get a bit cooler!

Link to the full Turf insider 56