A message from the Zone General

Turf in Sweden now is at a point where most of the turfers and the general population has a great access to many zones in various places. We can happily see that after years of building zones, every major city or town, most of the fairly large towns and quite a few really small towns has a healthy zone population. In fact, as of May 3rd, there was a total of 18455 zones in Sweden! I remember when I started turfing in Stockholm in december 2010, at that point there couldnt been more then about 200 zones in the region, today there’s 2744. This increase is of course similar in all regions, with some variations due to different activity levels.

But there has been a couple of downsides on the ever increasing amount of zones, for example most of the turfers out there consider a new zone the same thing as new content in the app. Also the dynamic of the playing field gets ruined if there’s zones every 200 meters, many zones slow down the apps performance etc. The developers and Turf Crew would like to point Turf in a new direction, to stop rely on a massive zone increase and instead focus on bringing new values to the game and the existing zones. For example you might have seen the new zone attribute Holy Zone joining the Water Zone, both a type of zone that brings a different value to the game and a medal if taking them at the right time. We will see more zone attributes in the future and more medals linked to them. I’m sure that I’m not the only one finding a development like this interesting!

Will this mean that we’ll stop making zones? Absolutely not. We’re implementing a limit on the amount of new zones though. This limit is not set in stone and will be changed if we find that it’s not working. It’s also designed to give the less populated regions a larger increase percentage wise. This means that my old region of Stockholm will still get the biggest increase in real numbers but in the long run the smaller regions will slowly close the gap. Speaking of numbers: I have been talking of a restriction of new zones, but if we follow the limit we have currently set, the zone population will be almost 50% larger in three years – that means about 3000 new zones a year in Sweden. That’s still a healthy amount of zones!

Should You stop making zone suggestions? Absolutely not! But we ask you very kindly to think twice before making a suggestion. We will focus on making really great zones from now on, and if you know of spectacular places that doesn’t have a zone, please go to the forum and write about them there! We will also keep focusing on bringing Turf to smaller places and we will also look in to bringing more zones out in the wilderness (forests, mountains etc) – something we know many turfers have missed. We will however be more restrictive when it comes to suggestions placed in peoples backyards or in boring urban/industrial areas.

This change might sound scary for many of You but the Turf Developers and the Turf Crew is confident that this is the way we need to develop Turf for the future. See you in a zone!