The road ahead



The current effort at our tiny development team is to complete the Android supporter beta in order to release it (for free of course) on google play, replacing the current version. This has been our focus for quite a while and the underlying goal is to make the game more stable and the different apps more alike in order to streamline our development process.

Thanks for supporting Turf!

New Android app released, available for supporters

Version of the Android App is now released

Change log:
Improved unsnap function to exit spectator/follow mode [#2430]
Issue Region lord crown disappears when loosing the title in one region but still is region lord in another region [#116]
Can’t see Number of zones and PPH, it’s outside of the screen [#2903]
Edge markers temporary disabled due to bad performance
And some more…

Downloadable link:

You have to be a supporter to be able to test it!
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