Turf 1.0.2 update for Android

We’re continuing the improvement of Turf, thank you for all the feedback. During the day another bugfix version will be available on Google Play store.

Change log:

  • Fixed freeze when clicking on the zone dialog.
  • Small dialog text size update
  • Mock location alert when activating gps for some.

Br Turf team

Android 1.0 released


Android 1.0 is finally here!

This update will soon be FORCED. This means that all Android users will need to update their app in order to play. Please update now!

The new app has a new login system, which means you can choose which account to use. If you encounter any problems, just send an email to contact@turfgame.com

Change log:

  • New google maps api (3d rotation, cached maps, etc.)
  • New registration process, you will now only need to register and login with your username. Its possible and strongly recommended to register email inside turf if not done already.
  • New Tutorial.
  • Pro-mode no longer applicable since it is not needed
  • Chatnotification in notificationbar
  • New graphic design; statusbar, dialogs, toast moved to upper region
  • Swipe to change region in chat and toplist
  • Easier to see blocked zones
  • No takeover bars on turfers
  • No edge markers for new zones
  • “Users online” page removed
  • “Statistics” page changed name to “Supporter” page.
  • Realtime time/distance/zonecount for supporters

//Turf Crew