We are sad to inform that one of the top turfers this round is a confirmed cheater. The turfer has been banned and we have begun the clean up to limit the damage during this round. The cheating was discovered and reported by mail by our turfers, and could then be confirmed after detailed investigations.

Please send an e-mail to every time you suspect something instead of writing accusations in the chat.

Expediting the league


At the end of next round (Sep. 4), The league-pyramid will be filled!

Since the mechanics of the League does not fully allow transfers up and down until the “pyramid is full” we have decided to expedite the process in order to please the 95% of the users.

This all means that after the August round, people will have arrows up and down in all the groups as intended.

It also means that if you want to reach the top of the league as soon as possible, you better be in top during the August round!