En Skånsk Klassiker / A Scanian Classic


The Turf Association of Skåne has instituted a cup which will be rewarded to person(s) who accomplish four significant Turf achievements during one calendar year, achievements which in turn each will be rewarded with a physical medal as well. The four achievements are

- Physical performance: Turf a full circle around Öresund on both Swedish and Danish sides within 72 hours.
- Extensive Island knowledge of Skåne: Conquer all zones on all famous islands, including the “eccentric” island Island (ön Ön) in the lake Lake (sjön Sjön).
- Adventurous achievement: Take 12 selected zones which either are very difficult, adventurous and/or significantly portray the beauty of Skåne.
- Exquisite positioning expertise: take the zones located at the most northern, eastern, southern, western, “middlest”, highest and lowest locations in Skåne.

Read more here (only in Swedish).

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