Happy New Turf Year


What a year!

  • -A bonanza with 237 participants!
  • -565 events!!
  • -A new events page.
  • -A brand new League system! (with some initial problems…)
  • -RIP donation medals.
  • -Fancy rank and medal dialogues!
  • -HUGE performance fixes in the apps!
  • -Lowered takeover times for all of you!
  • -Revised block times.
  • -21 new medals!!
  • -7 new zone types!
  • -6922 new zones. (22712 event zones)
  • -10 million zones taken!!! (A record, 1/3 of total amount in Turf history)
  • -45.000 zones taken on a single day! (Record as well)
  • And much more, plus endless invisible improvements behind the scene by our development-team!!!

AND a very near future holds ”Assists” when taking zones. Our beloved Supporters will be able to help us beta test the new functionality first.

Support Turf! Lets make 2017 another great year of Outdoor Addiction!

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