New Turf Android and iOS version

The Turf iOS version 1.6.0 and Android 1.2.0 are now live.


A major update today, as mentioned before this version will include a whole new gameplay, Assist.

Now what is Assist? Assist is a way for two (or more) players to take one zone at a time. This is done by the players by just trying to take the zone by standing in it at the same time. The player who take the zone is the one who will own it but the other player who stood in it, but did not do the take it, will get “Assst” instead. Assist will give the other player the same take points, unique zone, possibility for medal, but NOT the PPH.

With this we also have two new challenging medals, one which requires as many as 21 players to be assisters in ONE zone!

Assist is still in beta so its only possible for supporters to do it now, but we plan to release it to everyone soon.


– New gameplay! “Assist”
– Two Assist medals!
– New takeover dialogs
+ Bugfixes



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